Ending Permanent Neuron Damage... No Longer a Hopeless Idea

NFL Football Player, Kevin Everett, miraculously recovers from spinal cord injury and is able to walk again due to moderate hypothermia treatment


1 in 50 people live with paralysis, which is approximately 6 million people. ("Paralysis Facts & Figures")


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Scientists' Comments on Fixing Damage to Neurons:

Before: "Repair of the central nervous system and restoration of voluntary motor activity through axonal re-growth... considered impossible in mammals." (INSERM)

Now: "The good news is that when axons have been cut due to spinal cord injury, they can be coaxed to regenerate if a combination of treatments is applied. The chronically injured axon is not dead." - Mark Tsuzynski (University of California - San Diego "Regeneration")

5 New Methods for Repairing Neurons in the CNS: 

1) Moderate/systemic hypothermia

2) Guiding regenerating axons using Neurotrophin-3

3) Gene therapy

4) Nano-engineered gel

5) Neural stem cells









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